Firmware 2.02 for the Electribe 2

Korg updated the hardware line by painting the electribes of blue (synth) and red (sampler), like it did in the olders models.

And released this software that includes some missing options:

– Pattern chain, somebody can called it Song Mode, a new way to link the patterns together and have Song structures or complex structures split on patterns
– One-level Undo function
– Original value indicator: This seems a korg base feature at their synthesizers, I like it for live tweaking and going back to original value).

From what I know there is no way to rollback to previous firmware and hack to sampler again. If you want the sampler version working for you, please don’t try this 2.02 software and the consequent upgrades.

Also, korg created more patterns also for synth and sampler versions.

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Korg Electribe 2 hack

korg electribe 2 - hacked

I’ve created a modified version of Korg Electribe 2 firmwares to allow people without much knowledge on technical stuff, or afraid to commit a fatal error, be a able to test a sampler version on their grey electribe 2.

In order to get this files: you will need to join at my closed group of music producers and artists. You can simply fill this form, confirm your address, and you’ll receive the link to the modified firmwares and instructions to install it on your electribe 2:

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