Korg Electribe 2 hack

korg electribe 2 - hacked

I’ve created a modified version of Korg Electribe 2 firmwares to allow people without much knowledge on technical stuff, or afraid to commit a fatal error, be a able to test a sampler version on their grey electribe 2.

Also, to help my development and future releases you can help me a little becoming a premium supporter (not needed for getting the hack):

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83 thoughts on “Korg Electribe 2 hack”

  1. Hey, I successfully switched my unit to a sampler using your technique! Thank you very much. Have you found a work around for resampling? All the forums say not to save samples under the 523 slot, but if you resample it automatically saves to 501

    1. Sorry,

      I haven’t go deep to Sampler OS, I’m stick on synth version for my music purposes. Maybe, I’ve got two, the second will be the sampler.

      Bests Blacky II

    2. I found that on hack version unit wirk fine on slots 20-335; 523-999. On other sample slots it can generate some kind of misterious behavior.

  2. Victor, thanks so much for your videos and sharing these files. It was very easy to downgrade and hack my E2.

    Do you have any suggestions for reorganizing the samples and sounds once my E2 has become an E2s? Many of the sounds are misnamed or duplicates. I tried doing a factory reset but that didn’t fix them. I’ve seen some mention of using a sample-manager on my macbook.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hey Brendan,

      I recommend to you to take look of Electribe Sample manual to know better the sampling process and search for which sample order you must do on your hacked electribe. Seems that you cannot overwrite before 500… whatever sample


  3. Hello Victor.
    I’ve hacked my e2 1.18 into a e2s, but there’s a way to load the synth sounds, pcm, etc of the sampler version too? A lot of sounds dont work, right? Thank you very much!

    1. Hey Gustavo,

      You can try to record the original synth sound on your computer by exporting sustain notes to Ableton or recording via and audio interface or recorder and make your own samples.

      What sounds doesn’t work for you?

  4. Hello Victor!

    I just took out my Korg Electribe 2 after not playing with it for about a year, and I decided to check for the latest firmware. I upgraded the 1.10 to 1.19, thinking I was doing a good job. Then I found your information about “hacking” the electribe to a sampler, but now with the 1.19 software, it doesn’t look like I can downgrade. I downloaded your 1.18 downgrade file, but the system tells me “invalid file” when I try to upgrade(downgrade). Any suggestions at this point? Can you make a 1.19 downgrade file,which hopefully will let me go back to the 1.10 so I can try your hack?

    Thanks for the help!

    1. Hey Michael,

      I can do it for you, but I can’t test it for myself and I cannot guarantee any success. If you’re interested contact me via mail or twitter…

      1. Hey !
        Love your job !
        I just buying E2, and it look like hacked in E2S.
        I would like to try to rescu it, and return in E2 mod
        Where can I join the mailing list please ?

          1. Thks,
            I did it.
            But didn’t receive link for moment…

            Please, do you know if it’s possible to gain the “chain” function and other one with an E2 hacked (grey version) ?

            Imagine, i backup E2S hack > E2, upgrade my E2 with 2.02 firmware, and downgrade with the folder you post, for finally switch my E2 to E2S a new ?

          2. The link is in the confirmation/welcome e-mail when you subscribe to the mailing list.

            The chain version is only available on the newer firmwares. Review my posts and videos to understand what you can actually do…


          3. Hey Victor !

            I already did it and confirm my subscription but I verified a new, didn’t receive the welcoming mail. Or what is this link ? I have only one who guide me on this same page cause I comment it… Incredible !

            Thks by advance

  5. hi just bought a prehacked electribe 2 on ebay. its running es2 1.06 and e2 1.10.
    can i update either any higher? what would happen i just updated it as a sampler to 2.02? would it just work as a sampler,

  6. Hi,

    Let me explain my distress, 5 days ago I bought a second hand grey Electribe 2 Music Station (who worked perfectly) I decided to reboot the Electribe 2 Music Station to get the Electribe 2 Sampler Version.

    So, I did it and it worked perfectly.. I was on Electribe 2 Sampler version 1.06, all was pretty nice, I was happy.

    But I decided to updated the Electribe Sampler 1.06 to 2.02…
    And here we go, my fatal error was that I didn’t see I needed to upgraded at 1.19 before upgrated to 2.02.. 🙁

    And now I’ve an Electribe who didn’t want to work anymore, when I push “Power On” I immediatly get a message who say “Software Update” and when I press “Enter” I’ve a “Error No File” message.. it looks like my electribe is dead 🙁

    please say me that I can fix that problem…

    here’s a video to see what I mean: https://youtu.be/DTQ5lN-kvRk

    thanks you very much in advance for your help..

    1. Uh, this doesn’t seem good. I haven’t recommended to anyone to go further than 1.06 on the Sampler. Korg probably disallowed in some way to switch between versions on 2.x and on. (and probably on 1.16)

      My first thing that comes to my mind: could you test my latest firmware? that is set to be a 2.18 version and maybe your device will recognize it. If not, try another SDcard (save the first one), format, recreate the electribe folders and put my firmware to give a chance of the downgrade.

      please let me know.

          1. Hi victor, please help me , I have a same issue with my electribe 2!
            Same message on the screen, looks like it’s locked!
            At your last message for Lucas you said to try 2.18 , but I can’t at your page to download!
            I appreciate your help victor!
            Thank you!

          2. Victor! Thank you for replying!
            I tried, I copied the SYSTEM.VSB onto the SD card that I used to and then plugging to my electribe and then it says on the screen (software update , press enter) and when i press enter , the screen says ( error no file ) ! Could do you think I have to get new SD card ? But let say if I use new SD card , how can I install Korg into SD card to use the system!
            Please help! ?

        1. Hi lucas!
          Hope everything’s going well!
          Please could you explain how did you fix that by instructions! Because I’m having the same issue on electribe 2 ! And I Download the 2.18 and copied to my SD card that I used before! And when I plugging, the screen says (error no file) !!!
          I appreciate your help!

          1. Thanks again for replying! I bought the new Sd card and tried! But it’s the same! ?

          2. Is there any file that could restart all programs!? I don’t know what to do!
            Please help me!

          3. Victor ! You are great person! Thank you for all helps ! Man I fixed! With new SD card 32 Gig! And your updates, and the Korg restart back to the Korg electribe synth! ???

  7. I did the hack on my electribe 2 converting it to sampler 2 and then I converted it back to electribe 2. I would like to better understand the difference between the two machines. I would like to know which of the two versions might be most useful since I have a Maschine MK2 , a Kaossilator Pro Korg (first version) a Novinator synth Mininova, and a Sampler Roland SP 808 EX

    1. I suggest you to read both manuals and also find on youtube tutorials for this machines. It will give you an overview of what this machines are capable.

    2. Hello victor as I said in the previous post, I did the hack with the file of your kit ES to E2S: everything went ok, but I noticed that in the oscillator list those 1 to 421, some osc sounds do not match (ad For example, I hear only drum, kick, snad, hithat, etc., a few voices and no instrument like piano, trumpets, string, etc. because they make different sounds.
      Instead, even worse, the whole section from 373 to 390 (loop) and 391 to 421 (PCM) do not sound at all.
      I tried to load the original file bank E2ssample.all as well as that of the new 2016 models, but nothing happens. How can I fix this? I compared a video on youtube
      and I noticed this imperfection. To have all the osc you have to buy the original korg electribe sampler console?

      hola victor como dije en mi post anterior, hice el truco con el kit ES File para E2S: todo ha ido bien, pero me di cuenta de que en la lista de los osciladores 1 a 421, OSC algunos sonidos no coinciden (por ya que sólo escucho sonidos del bombo, caja, etc. hithat; pocos efectos vocales y ningún tipo de instrumento de piano, trompetas, cuerdas, etc. qué hacer diferentes sonidos.
      Pero lo que es peor, toda la sección 373-390 (circular) y 391-421 (PCM) no jugó en absoluto.
      Traté de subir el archivo original de sample.all E2 es el del nuevo modelo 2016, pero no pasa nada. ¿Cómo se podría solucionar esto? He comparado con un video en youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdMwG73SfvI&t=146s y me he dado cuenta de esta deficiencia. Para toda la OSC debe comprar la consola Korg Electribe muestreador original?

      1. Yes, this happens on on hacked electribe, you need to place your samples after 520+ ( I don’t remember the exact slot). Seems the firsts slots are some kind of hardcoded to the hardware synth, and creates troubles if you try to overwrite. If you want the full experience of sampler you must buy the electribe sampler hardware.

  8. Mate,
    just downgraded from 2.02 and switched to sampler version successfully! With your files it was really easy; thanks so much for making this work!
    I was, in fact, about to sell my unit but now I might well find good use of it again 🙂
    Keep it up and all best!

  9. Thank you for creating the package to successfully pull off the hack. My e2 is now an es2, unfortunately, I only have sample slots 0-421. I cannot go any higher when I scroll through the oscillators. Do you know what the problem could be? I want to sample to the electribe.

  10. Thank you for creating the package to successfully pull off the hack. My e2 is now an es2, unfortunately, I only have sample slots 0-421. I cannot go any higher when I scroll through the oscillators. Do you know what the problem could be? I want to sample to the electribe but am aware that before slot 523 I cannot sample.

    Also, the stock sounds appear to be named incorrectly. Is there a way to fix this? Finally, the stock loops are not sounding at all.

    I did not check the notify me by email button so am resubmitting my comment.

  11. Thank you for doing all that you have done for the electribe community. I was able to hack my e2 into an e2s, but unfortunately I have three major problems.

    (1) I only have stock oscillators 0-421, and many appear to be named incorrectly. I cannot scroll past 421 or it goes back to 0 and vice versa. Does this mean that I cannot sample? (2) The stock loop sounds do not make any noise at all.

    Please notify me if there is a way to fix these problems. Thank you.

    1. Load blank all samples file.

      This removes the oscillator header.

      Download all original Es2 samples from Korg forum.

      Use editor to recompile sample database and save es2sample.all.

      Put es2samples.all on sd card and boot es2.

      Go to import samples and select the file you made.

      Complete sampler hack.

  12. Victor-

    Hey I’m afraid I updated a little too far and have the Software Update no file error… will gladly paypal you some $$$ for your time if you could email me an SD card image that would get me out of trouble.



      1. I gave that a try, no luck yet. Is it the case that a new SD card will get it out of this condition? Looks like that worked for someone a few replies up. It’s a grey electribe that was hacked to sampler and then updated too far ( if that helps )

      2. Victor-

        I gave that a try, no luck yet. Is it the case that a new SD card will get it out of this condition? Looks like that worked for someone a few replies up. It’s a grey electribe that was hacked to sampler and then updated too far ( if that helps )

          1. Figured it out…I had to rename the “electribe sampler” directory to simply “electribe” and that got me out of the “no file error” loop.

  13. Hola amigo, no se que hice mal, pero ahora no me funciona nada y no me deja actualizar. Solo sale lo de actualizar software pero le ponga el que le ponga no lo reconoce. Te comento que tengo una Electribe gris y que la ultima versión fue la 2. no se que le quise poner la de sampler y la lie.. espero que me ayudes porfavor!

  14. I add my mail but no received the mail with de links , i have the version 1.01 korg electribe and i want change to electribe sampler

  15. It works.
    I did the firmware downgrade, and the E2 to ES2…haven’t gone back again, but I’m excited to have both.
    It was seamless…all in all, 5 minutes.
    Thanxx a thousand times!

  16. Hi Victor!

    What a cool hack.

    I bought a used E2 with the sample hack firmware already installed. It was great to check it out, but I would like the latest synth 2.02 firmware.

    I’m just not sure what I should do… In another post you comment “In case you want to go to the 2.02 version again, you must switch to synth version of the hack, update to 1.19 and then to 2.02.” …but what does “switch to synth version of the hack” mean? How do I do that?

    I already connected my YouTube account as you requested to get the “Downgrade from 2.02” download and I also subscribed to your mailing list. I sure would appreciate it if you could help me out here… I can tip you via PayPal for your trouble 🙂

    All the best,

    1. if you install my downgrade file you are going to have the synth version again, but an older one. the you can upgrade to the oficial 1.19 and 2.02

      1. All right, thank you! The previous owner also actually managed to find the hack install files, so I’m good now 🙂

        I love the device otherwise, but why oh why can’t the chromatic keyboard be a usable one… 😛

  17. I accidentally bought an electribe 2 instead of electribe 2 sampler. Oops. This will really help! I’ll let you know how it goes!

  18. I didnt get any email with the necessary files to hack when i subscribed to your site. All I got was a conformation email with no attachments.

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