Korg Electribe 2 Downgrade from 2.02

Electribe downgrade from 2.02

UPDATE: broken link to the hack post

After seeing some comments from Blaz, I decided to do the downgrade as he said and works successfully! This means if you upgraded the gray electribe to 2.02 and want to test the old sampler version (1.06), you can do it by using the downgrade firmware posted below and then upgrading to sampler.

If you own a colored new model of the electribe, the blue version, please test carefully. I don’t have this machine and I’m not aware if changes something from gray version.

Here is a new video showing the downgrade:

I created the same modified firmware file of 1.10 that acts as 2.18, allowing to roll back your electribe if already has 2.02 version.

In order to get the file, you must share this post with your one of your Social Networks. Notice that KORG don’t recommend this

And after this downgrade, you probably want to try the HACK to Sampler Version. (if you are already on the mailing list, the link is in the welcome mail.)

In case you want to go to the 2.02 version again, you must switch to synth version of the hack, update to 1.19 and then to 2.02.

Please comment below if it works properly for your device. Regards!


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50 thoughts on “Korg Electribe 2 Downgrade from 2.02”

  1. Hello Victor,\

    Perfect man that’s good news , thanks.
    Only the link to Hack………. does not work.
    Please notice


  2. Hi please u can send me dwngrade file…i make a bullshit…i update to 2.0 and than a download fucking new pattern and i was deleted my pattern…:( i want hack to sampler…please help me…Zdenek(CZ)

  3. Hello everyone, probe the new hack in an Electribe 2 blue 2.02 and worked without problems. Thank you for making this work, misses from Argentina

  4. Hey there,
    just tried to get the Downgrade file by sharing via google+ but the link only brings me to a site full of adverts, nothing to download there…
    Also, I subscribed to your mailing list yesterday in order to get the file to convert my E2 to a sampler. By now, I haven´t got any welcome mail with a link to the respective download files.
    Please help and btw: great work, dude! 🙂

    1. Hey Fabian,

      You must click on the top right of that Advert site.

      Also, if you confirmed the mailing subscription, you should get my e-mail. Send me one, I’ll confirm your subscription and send all those links.


      1. Oh just saw your answer, thanks man!
        Your mails just went into an “unknown sender” folder in my mail account… so my fault not checking there.
        Got both the downgrade and conversion to sampler files now and will try later today. Hope they´ll both work on mac?

  5. Hello Victor,
    will the downgrade and the hack works for the Electribe 2 BLUE?

    Thank you very much for your work!!!


  6. Hi Victor!

    I’m trying to downgrade my electribe2 to hack it to the sampler version but the link doesn’t seem to work. I’m already in the mailing list so I got the hack files. Can you send me a link to the downgrading firmware? I will appreciate that!



  7. Can I switch the grey electribe to the sampler version, and then update that to the 2.02 sampler version?

      1. all i get is Sorry, but the requested page was not found! i did the hack last year from 1.18 but then went back to synth and ugraded to2.02 i have every thing except for downgrade file for 2.02

  8. Hello Victor, i subscribed your channel but when i want to access the links i get the error-message “The subscriber identified with the request cannot be found.” – what am i doing wrong?

  9. Hi id like to upgrade my electribe 2 to the sampler using your software. My software is on the 2.02 version now and so I need to downgrade before hand right?. please help

    kind regards


  10. Hi Victor. I have a BIG problem….. I kill my electribe2. May be you can help me? I have GRAY electribe2, and i use your hack OS. I convert my E2 to E2s…. it was OK. BUT….. After 2 month of normal use i make a BIG MISTAKE… I tried to UPDATE your E2S OS… So i download 1.14 OS for SAMPLER. And i make update system….. At the result my unit not working… When i turn it on – i see this >>>> ELECTRIBE SAMPLER, SOFTWARE UPTADE (press enter) – on the screen… but after ENTER pressing – message EROR invalid file. And thats all… no more reaction.. i Tried to use your hack OS > E2S to E2… but it’s not working anymore… SO.. I loose my ELEKTRIBE now… MAy be you can help please?

    Best Regards!
    Martin Bakush

      1. Hi Victor!
        Thank you for fast answer. And thank you again for your help.
        My Electribe2 recovered! 🙂 That’s so nice! I used your downgrade file and it’s in working condition again. Thank you friend!..
        And thank you for possibility to convert E2 to E2s – that’s so cool!
        Korg selling managers are big assholes – it is possible to combine E2 and E2s engine together – it will be more usable for the musicians. But they specially divided and limited both models because they want to take our money…. You made good work. Your hack OS – like a victory over deceivers.
        Best Regards!
        Msrtin Bakush.

  11. Hey Victor i followed your steps and i keep getting an”Error Invalid file” on my electribe. I already reformatted the SD card and i made sure i was putting the VSB file in the right spot but i get the same issue and i dont know what update my electribe is on because i bought it second hand. IF you can help out that would be great!

      1. I got it fixed. After dozen of attempts it finally read the update incorrectly. Victor thanks again for this firmware.

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