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2013-07-23 01.41.18

Finally piscue.com has come back. Since the days that this site was running on a non-stop server at my bedroom, and passing years of no using it, I shut off the website. Now comes back. It’s on the cloud, where It should be, but now It’s focused on my audio/music works.

I decided to host my music website, beside using popular social network for that, for the reason I can use the software I want and also store more than 2 hours of music, like soundcloud. I can customize my pages, add menus and show my own works in a more personal way. Like producing music is some kind of self-expression, a website, that visually shows that feeling.

I don’t want to waste my time developing a new website from scratch and for that reason I’m using a hosted wordpress to easily theme, extend and write posts.

I want to upload some tracks and experiments stored to my hard drives in a near future, but while this happens you can check my last tracks uploaded to soundcloud:



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