spaceships and teletransportation

I’ve been researching about looping music easily, and for not spending money on a hardware looper, I decided to test mobius 2¬†, seems to be a robust option in a software looping world. Customizable ui, sync options, scripting, tracks, a full suite of looping interface.


mobius screenshot


For playing easy, I bought a 3 footswitch usb, that acts as a keyboard, and mobius can handle shorcuts to trigger their actions. Really works great and and seems the cheapest option over 1 footswitch

usb foot switch
usb foot switch

Messing around, I created a new drone track entirely at once, not a looping, but mobius can save any existing loop as wav file. Check it out:

spaceships and transportation

prophet, jams with gear


Here we are again. Recently I bought a second hand DSI prophet ’08. I was looking for some kind of synth that let me inspire by a real instrument or maybe help me on the workflow of creating music easy. I’ve been in trouble with computer, trying to sync everything and loosing valuable time not rehearsing or creating. I found a good deal of first revision prophet ’08, I’ve been tested it, and finally bought. My first intention was go first for an elektron octatrack, and later to prophet… but second hand market can change this decision easily. Octatracks are not popular on second hand, and have no price loose. prophet was a better choice for a second hand deal.

prophet '08


few days later, I’ve upgraded to PE (potentiometer) version, that solve all encoders problems with dust and time, and gives a new feel for patching. Now It really looks as an analogue subtractive synth

prophet '08 upgraded to PE

After spending some days testing and patching the prophet, Tonight, I’ve decided to jam together with ipad and microkor XL. The setup was composed by:

– ipad running DM1 drum machine with some roland vintage drum emulation, imic sound interface and spreading midi tempo by usb and midi din.

– microkorg XL making some background latched.

– prophet ’08 one track with arpeggio and other as lead.

all routed by a behringer mixer and using a bit of delay at frist record. no computer involved, just a live recording to Zoom H1, please don’t criticize my lack of harmony…

Finally monotribe was out. At first was synced properly by usb (moded with usbtribe), but later it won’t sync anymore.

Listen, and tell me what you think:

Record #1

Record #2

(update: moved to mp3, ogg player don’t work on mobile devices… why?)


Hello world again!

2013-07-23 01.41.18

Finally has come back. Since the days that this site was running on a non-stop server at my bedroom, and passing years of no using it, I shut off the website. Now comes back. It’s on the cloud, where It should be, but now It’s focused on my audio/music works.

I decided to host my music website, beside using popular social network for that, for the reason I can use the software I want and also store more than 2 hours of music, like soundcloud. I can customize my pages, add menus and show my own works in a more personal way. Like producing music is some kind of self-expression, a website, that visually shows that feeling.

I don’t want to waste my time developing a new website from scratch and for that reason I’m using a hosted wordpress to easily theme, extend and write posts.

I want to upload some tracks and experiments stored to my hard drives in a near future, but while this happens you can check my last tracks uploaded to soundcloud: