Korg Electribe 2 hack

korg electribe 2 - hacked

I’ve created a modified version of Korg Electribe 2 firmwares to allow people without much knowledge on technical stuff, or afraid to commit a fatal error, be a able to test a sampler version on their grey electribe 2.

Also, to help my development and future releases you can help me a little becoming a premium supporter (not needed for getting the hack):

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Card Piano – Ableton Live 9.5 simpler instrument

Spending sometime with the renewed simpler device on Ableton Live 9.5, really encourages you to sample sounds around you.

I’ve created a software instrument using simpler, sampling a a Card Piano (lent by a friend), rare to find this days: This is 1,416 octaves keyboard with monophonic sound, it runs on three small round batteries and can fit on your wallet. If you bend it while you play creates some bending pitches as well. It looks like this:


Card Piano

Card Piano - Ableton Interface


The sampling process was recorded with a measurer condenser microphone.

Here’s a small sequenced tetris melody, you will notice their original huge pitch detune:



For download, please share it. Enjoy!

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8knobs project

I’ve been working on a project called 8knobs, it is a live act, using synthesizers, midi controllers and computer. I’ve done some showcases in Barcelona, and a gig will come very soon.

Initially, my first idea was to play without computer, but the sound dissatisfies me (percussions), now I’m using daw as sequencer, sampler, and routing interface of midi data. I hope in the future, gather all the equipment that will liberate myself from the computer, glitches and weird stuff that annoys me on this live setup.

You can taste a little here:


also I’ve recorded some rehearsals:

and this without computer: